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Captain Picard is selected to arbitrate the selection of a new Chancellor for the Klingon Empire and, in doing so, find out who dishonorably murdered the old Chancellor. Also involved is Ambassador K'Ehleyr, who has a surprise for Worf: their son.



While investigating a radiation anomaly in the Gamma Arigulon system, the USS Enterprise-D is approached by a Klingon Vor'cha-class starship. When Picard hails the ship, he is pleased to be answered by Ambassador K'Ehleyr. Worf acknowledges her with a curt nod of his head when she greets him. She asks to come aboard to talk about an "urgent matter". Picard assigns Worf to greet her, who does so even though he is reluctant due to his discommendation with the Klingon Empire. Worf explains his reluctance to Picard, who sternly tells him that he is a member of the Enterprise crew and he will not go into hiding whenever a Klingon vessel decloaks. In the transporter room, Worf is surprised to learn from transporter chief Hubbell that two will be beamed aboard. He is further surprised when he sees the second person beaming on board with K'Ehleyr: a Klingon child with Worf's cranial ridges. Worf immediately realizes that the young boy must be his son.

Act One[]

K'Ehleyr leaves her son, Alexander, in the ship's school to play with other children. She is nervous because he has not had much contact yet with other children. Later, while K'Ehleyr is alone with Worf in a turbolift, she tells him she knows about his discommendation, and is somewhat disheartened by his attitude about it. Worf doesn't know what to say to Alexander yet, and shies away from K'Ehleyr at this point.

During a meeting with the senior staff in the observation lounge, K'Ehleyr reveals that the Klingon Empire is indeed nearing civil war. Chancellor K'mpec is near death, and two factions are challenging for leadership. If it is not handled correctly, the resultant civil war will eventually drag in the Federation. Picard agrees to meet with K'mpec on board his battle cruiser.

Aboard the cruiser, the aging chancellor reveals to Picard that he has been poisoned with small doses of Veridium Six for some months now, and there is no cure. K'mpec also informs Picard that he has appointed him his Arbiter of Succession, to mediate the power struggle following K'mpec's death, without Picard's consent. Picard protests that a Federation officer has no business presiding over a Klingon power struggle. K'mpec says that the Arbiter's traditional role is to designate the two strongest claimants to the leadership, who will fight each other for the succession – but in this case, there are only two challengers already. K'mpec says he wants Picard to investigate and discover which of them is responsible for murdering him, a job he cannot entrust to anyone within the Empire. On hearing the names of the two candidates – Gowron and Duras – as K'mpec predicted, Picard's interest is piqued: Duras had stripped Worf of his honor – illegitimately – to protect his own guilty family's name, and attempted to have Worf's brother Kurn and Picard assassinated.

K'mpec urges Picard that a Klingon who kills anonymously, with poison, must not lead the Empire; such a dishonorable man might be capable of anything, even initiating war with the Federation. Picard accepts the commission, and K'mpec raises his glass of (presumably poisoned) wine in a toast, and takes his final drink.

Act Two[]

"Captain's log, supplemental: K'mpec, who ruled the Klingon Empire longer than anyone in history, is dead. We await the arrival of Duras and Gowron, rivals for leadership of the High Council."

Worf finally meets Alexander, and is troubled that the child shows no interest in becoming a warrior – likely the influence of his non-traditional mother. He confronts K'Ehleyr about this in her quarters. She explains that she didn't reveal Alexander's existence because she knew Worf would have insisted that he take the oath of marriage with her.

Worf has always wanted to marry K'Ehleyr, but cannot acknowledge that Alexander is his son without confering the dishonor Worf bears upon his illegitimate discommendation onto Alexander and his children, should he have any. K'Ehleyr expresses disbelief that Worf would agree to illicitly accept such a dishonor so easily after challenging the accusations. She presses him, but Riker calls them to the bridge.

Duras and Gowron arrive in their Birds-of-Prey, the Vorn and the Buruk. Duras contacts the Enterprise and scorns K'mpec's choice of Picard as Arbiter. Picard, who knows full well what Duras is capable of, is in no mood to be polite. He brusquely announces that the Sonchi ceremony, to formally mark K'mpec's passing, will take place aboard his vessel in one hour. Duras bristles at the appearance of Worf on the bridge and warns Picard to keep Worf far from the proceedings.

Privately in his ready room, Picard sympathizes with Worf in his discomfort with Duras. Worf says that Duras is a man who should not lead the Council, as he is a traitor for what his father, Ja'rod, did at Khitomer. Picard has a Human sensibility about this, however, as he says he cannot blame the child for his father's treason. Duras' true crime was laying the blame for the betrayal at Worf's father's feet. Worf did choose to accept the consequences, however. Picard reveals to Worf that K'mpec asked Picard to investigate who killed him. Worf knows little of Gowron, a relative neophyte in political affairs, but knows Duras well, and "his heart is not Klingon."

At the Sonchi ceremony aboard K'mpec's ship, Gowron and Duras arrive with their aides. Picard, followed by each of the challengers, stands before K'mpec's body, says "Qab jIH ngil," ("Face me if you dare") and jabs the corpse with a painstik. While Picard does so with veiled detestation and Gowron goes through the motions of due process, Duras seems to relish his turn. Finally, K'Ehleyr steps in front of the corpse and says, "Sonchi" ("He is dead").

Duras urges Picard to complete the Rite of Succession, since there are only two challengers, but Picard insists he will proceed according to Klingon law, which Gowron questions Picard's qualifications to interpret. As they argue about it, a bomb explodes.

Act Three[]

K'Ehleyr reports to Worf on the explosion and realizes Worf is genuinely concerned about her safety. Worf claims it is his duty, but K'Ehleyr remembers Worf saying he'll never be complete without her. She realizes, now, that the feeling is mutual. Taking her face in his hand, Worf mutters "jIH dok!" ("My blood!") K'Ehleyr replies with the same gesture, and says "Maj dok…" ("Our blood"). This is the beginning of the marriage oath; however, Worf stops, saying he does not wish either K'Ehleyr or Alexander to suffer his humiliation. K'Ehleyr tries to persuade him that his humiliation will not harm either of them, but Worf is insistent. K'Ehleyr suggests that Worf be Alexander's friend, if not his father. Worf smiles and nods.

Dr. Crusher is still studying the remains of the men who were killed; Picard needs a way to stretch out the proceedings so Dr. Crusher might be able to complete her work. K'Ehleyr suggests the ja'chuq, an old ceremonial recitation of honors and accomplishments which takes hours, if not days, to perform correctly. Before she leaves, K'Ehleyr asks Picard about Worf's discommendation out of personal interest; Picard says curtly that he cannot discuss it. K'Ehleyr prepares to do some digging of her own.

In the observation lounge, Duras is impatient to set a new Council leader (preferably himself) so he can kill Gowron, while Gowron, in more typical Klingon fashion, relishes the prospect of killing his adversary; the two bicker (rather childishly) and almost come to blows when Duras suggests Gowron plant another bomb until Picard silences them with a sharp "mev yap!" ("Enough!"). He announces that they will begin the ja'chuq – a move which surprises Gowron and angers Duras. However, over their protests, he reminds them that it is the Arbiter's prerogative to choose any style he likes for the Rite of Succession, and he wants to observe ancient tradition. Meanwhile, Alexander is visiting Worf, who introduces him to the proper way to hold a traditional bat'leth, of which Worf's has been in the House of Mogh for ten generations .

Later, K'Ehleyr is approached privately by Gowron and asked if she can speed up the ja'chuq. He offers her a command of her own or seat on the Council, and mentions opportunities that may show themselves … only, K'Ehleyr notes, if Gowron is elected. She sneeringly compares Gowron's posturing to that of a Ferengi. Gowron makes a seemingly veiled threat, mentioning K'mpec's stubbornness, but K'Ehleyr says "K'mpec was old and weak – I am not!" Gowron smiles and leaves the room.

Data and Geordi La Forge have forensically analyzed the bomb and found that while the explosive was a common substance, it used a molecular decay detonator – a device used only by Romulans.

Act Four[]

In the conference lounge, K'Ehleyr and Worf suggest that the bomb could only be planted with the help of one of the Klingons. At this point, both challengers are suspect; K'Ehleyr mentions Gowron's suspicious conversation with her earlier, but Worf continues to insist that Duras is their man. Surprised, K'Ehleyr asks for an explanation, but Worf and Picard insist they cannot reveal details, only that past experience has revealed Duras to be untrustworthy, much to her annoyance. At Picard's request, Worf – reluctantly – will attend the next meeting with the two candidates; Picard hopes they might slip up and reveal a sensitive item of interest.

Meanwhile, K'Ehleyr begins her independent research into the Enterprise's last mission to Qo'noS, which saw Worf's discommendation.

Gowron announces the conclusion of his part of the ja'chuq with a hearty "jIH DOQ… batlh!" ("I claim the honor!") and bows to Picard. Picard calls a recess while the petitions of both are reviewed; Gowron accepts this and stands up, perhaps to return to his ship, but Picard wants to discuss the findings of the bomb investigation. He calls in Worf to reveal the Enterprise's results. As expected, his presence rattles both Duras and Gowron; with great relish at his effect on them, Worf reads out the results as reported by LaForge and Data. Gowron replies politely to Worf's inquiries, but Duras attempts to dismiss the investigation prematurely. At the mention of the molecular-decay detonator – a signature Romulan device – Duras jumps up and claims he needs to verify that, and Gowron says he will do the same, glaring bloody murder at Duras. Picard has Worf transmit all the findings to the Klingon High Council.

K'Ehleyr's investigations proceed into ever more dangerous territory as she hacks into the Klingon Imperial information net, using her own information to login and requesting High Council access. When she hits a block on her search about the Khitomer Massacre – a restriction placed by Duras – she scrutinizes Duras' records to try to find a clue.

One of Duras' aides shows Duras a message from Qo'noS about K'Ehleyr's attempts to get more information about him and his connection to Khitomer. Duras slips off to K'Ehleyr's quarters. A brief, heated discussion follows; K'Ehleyr has discovered that Duras framed Worf's father, Mogh, as the traitor at Khitomer, when it was really Duras's father, Ja'rod. For K'Ehleyr, that is also enough to finger Duras as the latest member of his traitorous family selling out his people to the Romulans.

Act Five[]

Meanwhile, Dr. Crusher reports her findings in her office to Riker: only two Klingons were killed in the bomb blast, one was one of Duras's aides, the other Gowron's. Crusher was confounded by the location of the bomb, until she examined the dead Klingons' injuries more closely, and realized that the bomb was implanted inside one of their forearms. The only wound made from the inside out, ergo the suicide bomber, she concludes, was Duras' aide.

Worf, having shown Alexander a bit more about Klingon fighting techniques, brings him back to K'Ehleyr's quarters only to find blood everywhere and K'Ehleyr herself sprawled on an ottoman. Worf signals a medical emergency and cradles K'Ehleyr; he says "Gowron?", but she shakes her head; he says "Duras", she nods and whispers "Alexander!" She reaches for the child's hand, puts it over Worf's, covers it with her own, and dies. When her hand falls, Worf cries out her name in anguish, then howls as part of the death ritual; Alexander runs away. Having gently set K'Ehleyr's body back down, Worf walks over to his son and faces him. "You have never seen death," Worf says; Alexander shakes his head, and Worf looks to K'Ehleyr's body and tells him "Then look… and always remember." Dr. Crusher and Martinez hurry in and scan K'Ehleyr's body; Dr. Crusher begins to ask when Worf found K'Ehleyr, but he is already out the door, having instructed Alexander to stay with Crusher. Crusher scans K'Ehleyr a moment longer but then shakes her head; there is nothing that can be done.

Picard and Riker learn Worf's whereabouts

"Where's Worf?"
"I don't know. He disappeared just after I arrived."

In his quarters, Worf removes his sash, and takes his bat'leth down from the wall. Looking down at his combadge, he tosses it to a side table as he walks out. In K'Ehleyr's quarters, Picard and Riker watch grimly as her lifeless body is taken away on an anti-grav lift. Crusher reports that multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdomen caused too much damage to the internal organs, and there wasn't enough time to place her into stasis. On Picard asking where Worf is, Riker tries paging Worf, but the computer reveals that Worf has beamed onto the Vorn.

Worf, with cold fury in his gait and eyes, stalks through the light onto the council room of the Vorn, led by one of Duras's aides. Duras demands to know what "that" is doing on his ship, and the aide states, "He has claimed the right of Vengeance!" Duras makes the ceremonial gesture of ostracism, but Worf coldly and deliberately states to the room, "K'Ehleyr… was my mate." Startled, Duras motions one of his lieutenants to hand him his sword. Meanwhile, Riker, Data, and a third officer are on their way to the transporter room as Data asks what to do if Worf resists: Riker replies that one way or another they will bring him back, and orders that their phasers be set to maximum stun.

A vicious fight takes place. When they lock blades, Duras reminds Worf that if Worf kills him, the truth will die with him, branding Worf a traitor forever. Worf shoots back, "Then that is how it shall be!" Seeing he has no way to survive except to win in combat, Duras knocks Worf back with a kick to his midsection, then lunges. But Worf parries the thrust and knocks Duras onto his back with the flat edge of his bat'leth. Just as Riker and Data burst in and Riker yells for Worf to stop, Worf, weapon high over his head with both hands, fatally plunges one end of his bat'leth through Duras' upper chest. Tellingly, he does not bother to perform the death ritual for Duras.

The Klingon ships depart, their business with the Enterprise, for the moment, concluded. Worf is held to account in Picard's ready room. Picard notes that Worf had been an exemplary officer, until now. Worf says that he has acted properly and legally under Klingon law, but Picard tells Worf that while the Klingons do indeed consider the matter closed, he cannot. He reminds Worf that when people join Starfleet, they agree to abide by the laws of the Federation, including the one against murder, and if their culture and beliefs prevent them from doing so, they should resign from the service.

Picard asks Worf if he wishes to resign. After a tense pause, Worf says he does not. Picard, softening his tone somewhat, sympathizes with Worf's loss and tells him that the crew all admired K'Ehleyr. Picard informs him that a formal reprimand will appear on Worf's service record.

Worf is dismissed, but before he leaves the ready room, Picard stops him and asks if it is time to speak the truth about what really happened at Khitomer; with Duras dead, he asks, what is the point of keeping his family's secret? Worf says that it is not time yet, as the High Council is not ready to acknowledge its own collective shameful behavior in assisting Duras's cover-up. But the day will come when he and his brother will confront their lie and make them speak the truth.

Worf tells Alexander the Enterprise will be going to Starbase 73 where Alexander will be sent to live with Worf's adoptive Human parents, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko, on Earth, where he will receive the family life Worf feels he cannot provide for him on the ship. He says "I miss her, too." Alexander asks, "Are you my father?" Worf says, "Yes. I am your father." The two hug, and the Enterprise moves on.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"Lieutenant, you are a member of this crew and you will not go into hiding whenever a Klingon vessel uncloaks."
"I withdraw my request, sir."

- Picard, when Worf asks him to not be the officer welcoming K'Ehleyr on board due to his discommendation

"Not even a bite on the cheek for old time's sake?"

- K'Ehleyr, to Worf

"I want you to discover which one of them has killed me: Gowron or Duras. Yes. Duras. I thought you would find that interesting."
"Interesting. You could say that since he tried to have me killed and conspired to strip Worf of his good name."
"And I approved, all for the glory of the Empire. That should be my epitaph. Find the assassin. The Klingon who kills without showing his face has no honor. He must not lead the Empire. Such a man would be capable of anything… (laughs) even war with the Federation."
"Very well. I accept."

- K'mpec and Jean-Luc Picard

"A warrior does not ask so many questions."
"I don't want to be a warrior."

- Worf and Alexander

"Is he under arrest?"

- K'Ehleyr, regarding Worf pulling Alexander out of school

"Keep that petaQ away from the ceremony, Picard! He has no place on a Klingon ship."

- Duras, referring to Worf

"You will die, slowly, (smiles) Duras."
"You have already proved you haven't the courage to face me. Perhaps you should plant another bomb."

- Gowron and Duras

"I have been informed of your attempts to access restricted Council records!"
"I've been investigating what happened at Khitomer. Not at all an easy task, considering that most of the records are sealed."
"Worf's father was a traitor!"
"No. The evidence was altered to make it appear that way. I found it interesting to read that your father was also at Khitomer, and you are the one who sealed the records."
"You dare insult my father's name?!"
"Don't play the wounded Klingon for me, Duras. You don't do it very well. What happened in that council chamber? How did you get Worf to take the blame for you?"
"Do not pursue this matter further!"
"The son betrays his people to the Romulans just as his father did, Duras."

- Duras and K'Ehleyr

"You have never seen death? Then look… and always remember."

- Worf, to Alexander, just after K'Ehleyr dies

"I'm the only one, Worf! The only one who can prove your innocence! Kill me and you're a traitor forever!"
"Then that is how it shall be!!"

- Duras and Worf, during their fight

"Mr. Worf, your service aboard the Enterprise has been exemplary… until now."

- Picard, after Worf executes Duras

"I miss her, too."
"Are you my father?"
"…Yes. I am your father."

- Worf and Alexander, following the death of K'Ehleyr

"Mr. Worf, the Enterprise crew currently includes representatives from thirteen planets. They each have their individual beliefs and values and I respect them all. But they have all chosen to serve Starfleet. If anyone cannot perform his or her duty because of the demands of their society, they should resign. Do you wish to resign?"
"No sir."

- Picard, reprimanding Worf

Background information[]

Production history[]

Story and script[]

Reunion remastering

Re-editing the remastered episode in 2012

  • This is the first Star Trek writing credit for Brannon Braga. Braga referred to working on the teleplay as an "illuminating, exhilarating" experience. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, 2nd ed., p. 146)
  • The episode was also the first writing collaboration between Braga and Ronald D. Moore, who were at the time the two youngest members of the writing staff. Braga noted that the experience "launched a long and fruitful partnership." (Star Trek: The Next Generation 365, p. 197)
  • Michael Piller commented, "I killed K'Ehleyr. The original idea was about Worf's kid and bringing K'Ehleyr back, who was having a relationship with Duras. But when we started talking about how to make the story work, I'm the one who said she should die… You wanted to get to a place where Worf was going to take Duras apart, and there's no real good reason for him to do it unless she dies… he had it coming." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 211)
Frakes directing reunion

Jonathan Frakes directing "Reunion"

  • Ron Moore added, "We love Suzie and that character, but it worked because you cared about her and we made an effort not to do it capriciously and for no reason, just to get her off the show so Worf wouldn't have to deal with her. I have pals on the show and they were upset. It took Worf's character in a different direction, which is sort of what we did with "Sins." Anybody who watches that episode is moved and outraged by the killing of K'Ehleyr. You're mad and you have that same need for vengeance that Worf does. If we've tapped into those feelings so when Worf goes back to his quarters and grabs that sword and the audience is screaming for Duras' head, then you've done it. You really had to do that scene where Picard calls Worf onto the carpet for what he did and puts it to him." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 211)

Cast and characters[]

K'Ehleyr, Worf, Alexander

Promotional shot of K'Ehleyr, Worf, and Alexander


"I co-wrote both "Reunion" (in which K'Ehleyr was offered the Council seat) and DS9: "The House of Quark" (in which Grilka was told she could not serve on the Council because she's a woman). The reason for the change was: a) to service a plot element in "House of Quark"; and b) to differentiate the Klingons from the UFP and the Romulans. The idea was that the Klingons were a traditionally patriarchal society and that while many elements of that have disappeared over the years, the Council itself was still the province of male warriors. This is not an endorsement of that idea, but rather an attempt to make them *different* than us. For example, their government is not a democracy, but rather an oligarchy ruled by powerful Houses, with an Emperor as head of state and we certainly aren't promoting that either! It's an alien society with alien values and we shouldn't be able to identify with all aspects of their culture. That said, I've always tried to treat Klingon men and women with a great deal of respect and have never tried to show the female warriors of the Empire as any less worthy or respected than their male counterparts. No male Klingon would ever question for even a moment the notion of serving under a woman on a ship, or fighting with them at his side". (AOL chat, 1997)


  • Director Jonathan Frakes remarked, "Rick's been throwing me nice episodes. Three people got killed, there was murder and revenge. I've been lucky. Suzie was great. A lot of people are sorry she's dead. It's a character that people really loved or hated because she was so big and shameless in her performance. I loved it." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 211)
  • On fan reaction to the episode, Ron Moore recalled, "All the comments were I loved the show, but why did you have to kill off K'Ehleyr? That's usually the only comment I get. I loved it and I think it works just fine and if that wasn't there you'd be missing a big part of the story where Worf has to embrace his son in the end and finally getting to go after Duras." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 202)
  • A mission report for this episode by Will Murray was published in The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine issue 15, pp. 42-45.

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21st century; 2292; 2367; "a little"; abdomen; accusation; advice; "all stop"; alliance; ambassador; analysis; Arbiter of Succession; arm; arrest; arrival; assassin; "at first"; attack cruiser; bat'leth; battle; bead maze; bearing; belief; biographical file; blood enemy; body; bomb; boundary; Bunsen burner; Buruk, IKS; career; case; Chancellor of the Klingon High Council (head of the council); cheek; chest; chief security officer (aka head of security); children; choice; civil war; claim; class 1 probe; clue; collaboration; computer; concern; conclusion; conspiracy; cooperation; coordinates; council member; courage; crime; cubic millimeter; cure; day care center; death; debris; derivative; detonator; device; discomfort; discommendation; dishonor; distance; dose; dynoscan; dynamic tissue deformation analysis; enemy; epitaph; evidence; "excuse me"; explosion; explosive; face; faction; family; father; Federation; feeling; Ferengi; "for old times' sake"; forearm; formal reprimand; friend; Galaxy class decks; Gamma Arigulon; Gamma Arigulon sector; Gamma Arigulon system; generation; glory; guard; guest; hail; hand; heart; "hello"; history; holodeck; home; honor; hour; House of Duras; Human; humiliation; "I don't know"; idea; "in good time"; injury (wound); innocence; insult; interlock; internal organ; investigation; ja'chuq; Ja'rod; jiH dok; Khitomer; Khitomer Massacre; kilometer; Klingon; Klingon Bird-of-Prey; Klingon Empire; Klingon High Council; Klingon High Council Chamber; Klingon High Council record; Klingonese; Klingon Imperial information net; Klingon law; Klingon politics; Klingon Supreme Commander; Klingon tradition; Klingon way; K'mpec's attack cruiser; knowledge; Kurn; laceration; LaSalle; launch sequence; leader; leadership; legal claim; lie; log; mate; medical facility; mediation; mediator; medical emergency; meeting; minute; mission; mistake; Mogh; molecular decay detonator; month; murder; "in my name"; oath; "on my way"; "on board"; "on the contrary"; "one way or another"; opportunity; order; outcast; outsider; Pah doQ cha; pattern; painstik; peace; permission; petition; phaser; poison; politics; prize; prerogative; priority message; proclamation; Qo'noS; quadrant; question; race; radiation anomaly; radiant energy; radiation; reason; recess; record; relationship; report; representative; reprimand; resignation; result; right; Right of Vengeance; Rite of Succession; ritual; rival; role; Romulan; room; Rozhenko, Helena; Rozhenko, Sergey; service record; sin; "sit down"; size; society; Sonchi ceremony; stab wound; star system; Starbase 73; Starfleet; stasis; subject; subspace channel; suicide; suicide mission; table; Tholians; threat; tissue; tradition; traitor; Transporter Room 6; trauma; treason; Treaty of Alliance; triceron; truth; turbolift; "ulterior motive"; "under arrest"; value; Veridium Six; "very well"; victory; Vor'cha-class; Vorn, IKS; warrior; weapon; wine; word; year

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Kahless the Unforgettable; Romulan patrol ship; transmission log; tricorder

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