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Reunion is a Pocket TNG novel written by Michael Jan Friedman. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in hardback in November 1991.

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
Before he commanded the Starship Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard was the captain of the deep space exploration vessel, the USS Stargazer, on an incredible twenty-two year voyage. Now Picard is reunited with his old crew for the first time in over a decade, on a mission to see his former officer installed as ruler of the Daa'Vit Empire.
The reunion turns deadly when a ruthless assassin begins eliminating the USS Stargazer crew one by one. Picard's present and former shipmates must join forces to solve the mystery of the Captain's past, before the killer strikes again.

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Background information Edit

  • This was the first Pocket TNG novel to be released in hardback.
  • Reunion reached number ten on the New York Times Best Seller List for 17 November 1991, its second week on the list. [1] It remained on the list for four weeks.
  • The Science Fiction Book Club released a special edition of the hardback in March 1992.
  • The audiobook version was abridged by George Truett.
  • Reunion was later collected, along with The Valiant, in the Signature Edition omnibus, Pantheon.
  • This novel is the first appearance of many of the concepts and characters that would become a part of the Star Trek: Stargazer series of novels, also written by Friedman. Friedman noted that "I never intended to use these people again, I said, because I didn't think I'd be able to. At that point you couldn’t use anybody from anybody else's books. You couldn't use anybody you’d already used in your books. So I figured this was a one-time thing for ben Zoma and the Azmunds, and Simenon and Greyhorse and Pug, and it turned out otherwise." (Voyages of Imagination, p. 208)
  • The circumstances of Jack Crusher's death are revealed.

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Characters Edit

Jean-Luc Picard 
Enterprise captain
William T. Riker 
Enterprise first officer. Graduated Starfleet Academy with high honors.
Beverly Crusher
Deanna Troi
Geordi La Forge
Wesley Crusher
Jack Crusher
Miles O'Brien
Daa'Vit, captain of the Excalibur for six years, about to become hereditary ruler of the Daa'Vit Confederacy. Formerly an ensign on the Stargazer.
Pictured on the book cover.
Gilaad Ben Zoma 
Formerly Picard's first officer on the Stargazer.
Idun Asmund 
Former helm officer of the Stargazer. Now first officer on the USS Charleston. Idun and her twin sister Gerda were the only survivors of a disaster at a Federation colony, rescued and raised by Klingons.
The blond woman pictured on the book cover might correspond to the blond woman who was seen at that station in the hallucination sequence in episode "The Battle".
Carter Greyhorse 
The Stargazer's former chief medical officer. Now works at Starfleet Medical.
Pandrilite weapons officer on the Stargazer, who died in the battle of Maxia Zeta.
Gerda Asmund 
Navigator; Idun Asmund's twin sister. Convicted of attempting to assassinate Morgen while on the Stargazer. Died in a hull breach on a civilian freighter.
Peter 'Pug' Joseph 
Former Security chief on the Stargazer. Now assigned on the Lexington.
Phigus Simenon 
Gnalish professor of engineering at Starfleet Academy. Former chief engineer of the Stargazer.
Tricia Cadwallader 
Former communications officer on the Stargazer. Now second officer of the USS Lexington. Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Burke also appeared in the comic book compilation The Star Lost.
Duffy later became a regular character in Star Trek: SCE.
Captain of Charleston.
Yuri Kuznetsov 
Vice admiral.
Fern Resnick
Romulan commander.

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Dalen Quaice

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Alpha Malachon IV 
Alpha Palemon 
Star system.
Alpha Zion 
Anjelica VII 
Arvada III 
USS Berlin 
Federation starship.
Beta Gritorius IV 
Beta Varius IV 
USS Charleston 
Captain Mansfield commanded Charleston, with Idun Asmund as executive officer.
Homeworld of the Daa'Vit.
Species. Adversaries of the Klingon Empire for over three hundred years.
Daa'Vit Confederacy
Government of the Daa'Vit; a hereditary monarchy. Entered into an alliance with the Federation shortly after the accord between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
Delos IV 
Ambassador starboard of Galaxy

Enterprise-D and Excalibur (TNG: "Redemption II")

USS Excalibur (NCC-26517) 
Starship commanded by Captain Morgen until his 2367 retirement.
This ship was later the regular vessel of the Star Trek: New Frontier series.
USS Fearless
Gnalish homeworld
The Gnalish are mentioned again in the novel Articles of the Federation.
Many fans have speculated that Sord from TAS: "The Jihad" is Gnalish, which Friedman himself believes is probably true. [2]
USS Goddard 
Federation starship.
USS Hood
Riker served two years as Hood executive officer.
USS Lexington 
Captain Gilaad Ben Zoma's command.
It seems anomalous to still have a Constitution-class vessel in service in the 24th century, but this vessel was referred to as such. The Star Trek Encyclopedia states there was an Excelsior-class vessel (registry NCC-14427) of this name in service by this time.
Maxia Zeta 
USS Potemkin 
Riker served aboard Potemkin as a lieutenant JG and as a lieutenant.
Romulan warbird, of Commander Tav.
Also known as Klingon Ironroot. A "tall, skinny garden plant" native to the Klingon homeworld, that, in spite of its innocuous appearance, is rigid enough to be deadly when used as a club, and has often been so used as an assassination weapon.
USS Stargazer

Stargazer (TNG: "The Battle")

USS Stargazer 
Federation starship.
IKS Tagh'rat 
Klingon warship.
USS Thomas Paine 
Federation starship.
USS Victorious 
Federation starship.
USS Victory 
Federation starship.
USS Yorktown 
Riker served three years as second officer of the Yorktown.
According to the novel Ghost Ship, second officer Riker's Yorktown was an Excelsior-class vessel. Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual gives the ship registry NCC-2033.
USS Zhukov 
Ensign Riker served on the Zhukov.
This is presumably after his service on USS Pegasus.
Warp speed 
The speed reached, warp 9.95, is quoted as 5,094 times the speed of light.

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