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Richard Irving is an actor who appeared as a Romulan senator in Star Trek Nemesis. He received no credit for his appearance but was identified by the name tag of his wig which was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Irving appeared in a number of plays such as "Into the Woods" at the Globe Theatre in San Diego, "Oedipus Rex" with James Earl Jones Off Broadway, "Bus Stop" in San Diego, and "Translations" at the Syracuse Theatre. He did commercials for Mercedes Benz, CAL Spas Catalogue, Community Health Group, Mazda, and several commercials and videos with a medical topic.

Besides his appearance on Star Trek, Irving was also featured in the science fiction comedy Mars Attacks! (1996, with Paul Winfield, Willie Garson, Michael Reilly Burke, Valerie Wildman, Vinny Argiro, Gregg Daniel, Jeanne Mori, Frank Welker, Greg Bronson, and Maria Celeste Genitempo), the comedy Bean (1997, with Harris Yulin, Larry Drake, Danny Goldring, Dakin Matthews, David Doty, Robert Curtis Brown, April Grace, and Annette Helde), the short films Twinkle Toes (1999), Repossessed (2002), and Shades of Grey (2006), the sport comedy The Longest Yard (2005, with Michael Papajohn, Brandon Molale, James Cromwell, Christopher Neiman, Ed Lauter, and Joe Davis), the science fiction thriller The Island (2005, with Ethan Phillips, Noa Tishby, Kevin McCorkle, Katy Boyer, Randy Oglesby, Tim Halligan, Glenn Morshower, Michael Canavan, Ray Xifo, Shelby Leverington, Justin Rodgers Hall, and Matt McColm), the documentary Weird Tales #1 Death Valley's Ancient Underground (2007), and the thriller Angels & Demons (2009, with Steve Kehela, Anna Katarina, Anthony Bonaventura, Calvin Dean, Anthony Molinari, Arne Starr, Shannon Watson, and Scott Sterling Hill).

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