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Richard Livingston Jefferies, Sr. (3 February 192325 June 2015; age 92), nicknamed "Dick" by his family, is a mechanical engineer who has written the posthumous biography on his older brother, Star Trek: The Original Series Set Designer/Art Director/Production Designer Walter "Matt" Jefferies. Titled Beyond the Clouds: The Lifetime Trek of Walter "Matt" Jefferies, Artist and Visionary, the work was published in March 2008 and indirectly became a biographical excerpt of younger brother John Jefferies as well, as his career was followed in elaborate annotations, including his tenure on The Original Series.

Not being a writer by trade, Richard Jefferies revealed in an interview given to Larry Nemecek at the August 2008 Las Vegas Star Trek convention, that he was moved to write the biography on his brother upon meeting dozens of well wishing aviation and Star Trek fans outside the funeral home after the conclusion of the memorial service of his brother. In the talks he had with the well-wishers from both affiliations, the topic of a book about his late brother came up repeatedly. After clearing the issue with his brother's widow, Mary-Ann, he set to work with the book released five years later in a softcover edition. On its title, Beyond the Clouds, Richard had stated in the interview, "When my brother was a little boy, he said, "Some day, I'll fly away, way, way beyond the clouds." To promote the book, eighty-five year old Jefferies took to the aviation and Star Trek convention tour circuit for several years [1] [2](X), as well as giving radio interviews. [3]


The second oldest of four brothers, Richard has served with two of his brothers, Matt and Philip, in the Second World War (the third one, John too young to serve). Matt served in the US Airforce as a bomber pilot, Philip in the infantry (both in the European theaters), whereas Richard served as a lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers, as he was already following an education as such at Virginia Tech. He completed his education directly after the war. Richard was the only brother who did not pursue a Hollywood career in the motion picture industry, instead enjoying a fifty-six year career as an application engineer for multiple international heavy equipment companies, which took him to the far corners of the world. Apart from this he also authored historical and technical papers, gaining writing experience that served him well when he wrote his brother's biography. He additionally worked as an inspirational speaker, augmenting his livelihood.

Having survived all his siblings, Richard Jefferies retired to his hometown Dallas, Texas with his wife Tina, where he died in 2015, aged 92. [4]

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