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Richter was a 24th century Human female news reporter who worked for the Federation News Network.

In 2399, she was given permission to interview a certain secluded and retired admiral in his residential study in La Barre, France.

It was Jean-Luc Picard, a former Starfleet officer that she was to talk to for her broadcast, under the condition that she didn't ask anything about why he quit Starfleet. These conditions were gone over between either herself or a representative of FNN, and Picard's housekeeper Zhaban three times. Nevertheless, she asked the question anyway.

Her questions started out a bit normal, as she was able to get Picard to talk about raising awareness to the situation involving the evacuation of the Romulans to safe star systems. But Richter reminded Picard that some people felt that it was a waste of resources to help an enemy state, especially with the disaster that took place on Mars.

This incident involved synths attacking the planet, so she then brought herself to asking him if he had ever lost faith in his former second officer Data. His answer was a clear "Never." He also made it clear to her that he felt that banning the development of synths was a mistake. She continued to probe him, this time asking him why he quit Starfleet, asking if it was some sort of protest. He then mumbled it was because it no longer was Starfleet. In anger, he told her that they were ordered to withdraw from Romulan space just when the Romulans needed them most. He ended the interview, walking away from his chair saying "We're done here." (PIC: "Remembrance")

She was played by Merrin Dungey.
Richter's name is not given in dialogue, but is given in the episode's credits. Dungey herself has confirmed her character's full name being scripted as "Richter Kalungay". [1]
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