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Rife David Sibley is an actor, model, and musician who portrayed a MACO in the Star Trek: Enterprise fourth season episode "Babel One" and later his mirror universe counterpart in the episode "In a Mirror, Darkly". As a background performer Sibley received no credit for his performances.

Sibley was born and raised in Arkansas and attended the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where he also studied film and television. Connections brought him to Los Angeles and the opportunity to pursue a stage and film career. Sibley is a founding member of The Uprising Theater Company [1] alongside Star Trek actors Armin Shimerman, Rosemary Morgan, Ethan Phillips, and Kitty Swink and has portrayed a variety of roles in several plays such as Hamlet and MacBeth, the latter one under the direction of fellow stage actor Armin Shimerman.

Sibley has started his on-screen career with a supporting part in the television mini series The Enforcers in 2001, which also featured Voyager guest actor David Sparrow and stuntman Ransom Gates. His next roles were parts in the action film Con Games (2001) and the comedy Hip! Edgy! Quirky! (2002, with Kara Zediker), as well as a guest role in the daytime series General Hospital (2003). Sibley also guest starred in the television series The Division (2004, with Henry Kingi, Jr.) and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2004, with Dina Meyer, Wallace Langham, Henri Lubatti, Robert Curtis Brown, and Amy Benedict), and portrayed a background role in an episode of NCIS (2005, along Matthew Kaminsky, Michelle Krusiec, Eric Steinberg, and Sonny Surowiec).

More recently, Sibley appeared in the dramas Changing Spots (2006) and Rounding Home (2006), and in a Chrysler/ Jeep Commander commercial which was aired during the Super Bowl 2007.

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