Captain Rifkin was a Starfleet officer and starship commander who lived during the mid-24th century.

Rifkin was supposed to attend the ceremony aboard Deep Space 9 for Bajor's admission ceremony into the Federation in 2373. Odo originally assigned him quarters in K-4, which Worf deemed inferior to those of Admirals Veta and Colti, but protocol demanded he be given equal quarters due to naval tradition. Later, when Kira Nerys spoke of a sign from the Prophets, Odo mused, "I wonder if the Prophets can help us find quarters for Captain Rifkin."

During the mission, Rifkin served as Admiral Charlie Whatley's aide, and upon arriving at DS9, and determining that Captain Benjamin Sisko was on Bajor, Whatley and Rifkin beamed down to the planet's subsurface to view the recently discovered the city of B'hala.

Rifkin was later at the signing ceremony when it was interrupted by Sisko, notifying the officials present that Bajor should not join the Federation at that time. He was then instructed by Whatley to get Sisko to the infirmary. (DS9: "Rapture")

Rifkin was visually identified as being the only captain present at the signing ceremony he was previously discussed to be attending. This officer, who was wearing his captain's pips on the opposite than usual collar, was portrayed by an unknown actor.

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