A rifle was a firearm-type weapon that was generally longer than a standard handgun. The classic rifle was designed to be fired from the shoulder for better aiming. Projectile rifles had spiral grooves in their barrels.

On a Skagaran colony planet, a traditional type of rifle was used by Sheriff MacReady. Responding to a jailbreak in which Jonathan Archer helped school teacher Bethany to escape from a jail on the planet, MacReady took the rifle out of the jail, arming himself with it.

Later, Deputy Bennings shot Sheriff MacReady with a rifle. One of multiple cowboys who were friends of Bennings aimed another rifle at Archer from a second-story window, though Starfleet Lieutenant Malcolm Reed shot the sniper, causing him to fall to the ground and drop the rifle in midair. Moments later, Bennings shot Archer's right-hand shoulder with his rifle. Finding a problem with reloading the weapon, Bennings left it atop a barrel while he ran into a stable where Archer finally defeated him. (ENT: "North Star")

Many types of rifles existed, including:

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