Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

Rima Harewood was the mother of Lucille Harewood and wife of Starfleet officer Thomas Harewood.

Together with her husband, Rima Harewood visited a terminally ill Lucille at the Royal Children's Hospital near London and brought her a stuffed rabbit.

After her husband made a deal with a stranger that would heal the child in exchange for Thomas Harewood suicidally detonating a bomb inside the Kelvin Memorial Archive, Rima became a widow, upon her husband's fulfillment of his part of the agreement. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Rima Harewood was played by actress Nazneen Contractor.
Rima and Lucille Harewood
A deleted scene showed Rima and a healthy Lucille meeting fellow Khan-sourced transfusion patient Kirk at the memorial service for those killed in San Francisco.
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