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"Is the love of a woman worth the destruction of an entire species?"
– Kevin Uxbridge, 2366 ("The Survivors")

Rishon Uxbridge, born in 2284, was a female Human botanist and composer of Tao-classical music. As a young woman, she met a starving student named Kevin Uxbridge aboard an ocean-going vessel. She was with her parents, who did not approve of Kevin, but within two hours of meeting him Rishon had asked him to marry her. She married him in 2313, and spent most of their lives in the aquatic city New Martim Vaz, in Earth's Atlantic Ocean.

Kevin was in reality an immortal and powerful being known as a Douwd. Rishon never knew her husband's true nature, even though he lived with her as a Human being for fifty-three years. In 2361 the couple moved to the Federation colony on Rana IV, "hoping it would make [them] fall in love all over again." She brought with her a music box that had been in her family for generations.

Their life on Rana was full and satisfying, but in 2366, the colony was attacked and destroyed by the Husnock. The moral code of the Douwd prevented Kevin from taking deadly action, even in defense of the woman he loved. Rishon, however, attempted to defend the colonists and died along with them. Wracked with grief, in an instant Kevin destroyed the entire Husnock race, estimated at fifty billion beings. Subsequently, Kevin recreated his home and wife. (TNG: "The Survivors")

Rishon was played by Anne Haney.
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