Riska was a teenaged female resident of Deep Space 9 during the 2370s. She had an uncle who ran a bar on Osinar VI.

In 2371, Riska joined Jake Sisko and her friend Leanne, who was dating Jake, on a double date with Nog. The date did not go well, beginning with Nog insulting Riska by telling her she talked too much, only to inform her that she should not speak unless spoken to.

The date ended when Nog asked Riska to cut up his food for him (Nog thought that he was being sensitive by not asking the young lady to chew his food for him). Riska and her friend Leanne walked out on Jake and Nog. (DS9: "Life Support")

Riska was played by actress Eva Loseth.
The 10 November 1994 final draft of the episode's script described Riska as a "human girl", rather than the alien she appeared as.
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