Ro-Kel was a Miradorn, who along with his twin brother Ah-Kel, visited the space station Deep Space 9 in 2369.

The purpose of their visit was to attempt to sell a stolen item via Quark to a buyer who wouldn't ask questions. However, their purpose was disrupted by the appearance of Croden, a Rakhari fugitive who demanded to be given the item, at gunpoint.

Ro-Kel moved to shoot, but was killed by Croden, leaving Ah-Kel in anguish about the loss of his twin. As a Miradorn, Ah-Kel became vengeful over Ro-Kel's death, and attempted to enact his vengeance against Croden. (DS9: "Vortex")

Ro-Kel was played by Randy Oglesby.
His name comes from the script.
His on-screen photo double was played by an unknown actor and his stunt double by stuntman Buck McDancer.

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