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Rob Bloch (born 1 December 1946; age 74) is an animal trainer and founder of the animal talent company Critters of the Cinema which he founded in 1981. Bloch and his company worked on several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager as well as on Star Trek Generations.

Bloch himself worked as animal trainer on all the episodes of TNG and one episode of VOY and on Star Trek: Generations. Together with Karen Thomas-Kolakowski, Bloch was the trainer for the cats Monster, Brandy, Bud, and Tyler who portrayed Spot in the sixth and seventh seasons of TNG. His other work includes:

Beside the work with Critters of the Cinema for television series, films, commercials and music videos, Bloch himself worked as animal trainer on the science fiction comedy What's Up, Hideous Sun Demon (1983), the comedy sequel Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985, starring David Graf and Arthur Batanides), the horror comedy Monster in the Closet (1986), the crime drama Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987), the fantasy sequel Teen Wolf Too (1987), the horror film Puppetmaster (1989), the horror film Doctor Mordrid (1992, starring Jeffrey Combs), the horror sequel Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995, starring Tony Todd), the crime thriller Brown's Requiem (1998), the comedy More Dogs Than Bones (2000), the romance In Her Shoes (2005), the television movies Murder 101 (2006) and Murder 101: New Age (2008), the war drama Adam Resurrected (2008), and the horror film Life Blood (2009).

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