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Hill preparing to film Deneb IV for "Encounter at Farpoint"

Robert "Bob" S. Hill was an effects camera man employed at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). As effects camera man he has shared responsibility for shooting the footage of visual effects involving physical effects production assets such as studio models and matte paintings. Hill started working for ILM in 1982 and has been in their employ ever since, until 2006. The first project he worked on at ILM was as Assistant Camera Operator on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

A life-long employee of ILM, it comes as no surprise that he has worked on a large number of productions of that company, including several Star Trek live-action productions. In 2005 ILM, in order to concentrate more fully on the digital techniques for creating visual effects, such as CGI, decided to split off the physical production departments for them to eventually become a separate company, Kerner Optical. Hill, as a specialized physical object camera man, moved over to that company.

Prior to his employment at ILM, Hill has worked as Assistant Editor/Assistant Camera Man on the critically acclaimed feature documentary Koyaanisqatsi of 1982.

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Hill [l.] and colleague Scott Farrar working on Star Trek III

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