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Robert Kerbeck is the former actor turned writer who played a Cardassian soldier in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine third season episode "Defiant". He filmed his scenes for this episode between Monday 3 October 1994 and Wednesday 5 October 1994 on Paramount Stage 4 and his makeup artist was Dean Jones.

Prior to his appearance on Star Trek, Kerbeck appeared in episodes of Monsters (1990, directed by Kenny Myers) and Viper (1994) and in the drama Whore 2 (1994).

Further acting work includes guest parts in episodes of Sisters (1994-1995, with Ron Fassler, Jeff Austin, Elizabeth Hoffman, and Cully Fredricksen), Chicago Hope (1995, with Stephen Root, Brent Hinkley, Charles S. Chun, and Mike Starr), ER (1996, with Tim de Zarn, Richard Penn, Christine Harnos, Ernest Perry, Jr., Lorna Raver, Jesse Littlejohn, and Lily Mariye), Melrose Place (1996, with Jeri Ryan), Renegade (1995-1996, with Branscombe Richmond and Brent Hinkley), Nash Bridges (1996, with Cary-Hiroyuki, Mary Mara, Vyto Ruginis, and John Pyper-Ferguson), Viper (1997, with J. Downing), Pacific Blue (1997), Night Man (1997, with Matt McColm, Felecia M. Bell, Michael Harney, Brian George, and Daniel Dae Kim), Boy Meets World (1997), Judging Amy (2000, with Tommy Hinkley, Biff Yeager, Mark Colson, and Mark Chaet), and NYPD Blue (2000, with Gordon Clapp and Erich Anderson).

Film work includes the television drama Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge (1995, with Bruce Greenwood, Cari Shayne, and Ashley Judd), the action thriller Skyscraper (1996, with Deirdre L. Imershein, Paul Eiding, and Michael Spound), the drama They Come at Night (1998, with Barbara Williams), the short film The Robber (1998, stunt coordination by Lynn Salvatori), the television science fiction film The Darwin Conspiracy (1999, directed by Winrich Kolbe and with Jason Brooks, Kevin Tighe, Tom Virtue, and Art Chudabala), the action thriller Sonic Impact (2000, with Michael Harris, Sam Anderson, and Michael Harney), and the short drama Confidences (2001).

Kerbeck retired from acting in 2000 and has been publishing novels and short stories such as "Re: Connected", "The Ballad of Mr. Jack", and "A Dish Best Served Warm".

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