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Robert L. Zachar (sometimes also credited as Robert Zachar) is an actor who appeared as the Klingon Head Guard in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fifth season episode "Apocalypse Rising" and in Star Trek: First Contact as a Borg drone.

Among his acting resume are films such as Married People, Single Sex (1993, with Chase Masterson, Bob Rudd, and Joseph Pilato), Point Blank (1998, with stunts by Gary Baxley), Shark Hunter (2001), Python 2 (2002), and Dark Waters (2003, with Bruce Gray).

Zachar has guest starred in television series such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995-1996), Pacific Palisades (1997), 7th Heaven (1998, starring Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks, and guest starring Christopher Michael and Christopher Ogden), and JAG (1999, with Corbin Bernsen, Paul Collins, Rif Hutton, Dana Sparks, stunt coordinated by Diamond Farnsworth, and stunts by Tanner Gill).

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