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Robert Mandan (2 February 193229 April 2018; age 86) was the actor who played Kotan Pa'Dar in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine second season episode "Cardassians".

Mandan may be best known for his roles as Chester Tate in Soap, Colonel Lawrence Fielding in Private Benjamin and James Bradford in Three's Company and Three's a Crowd.

He also guest starred in Mission: Impossible, The Streets of San Francisco, All in the Family (with Michael Pataki), Kojak, Barney Miller (with Gregory Sierra), Maude (with Adrienne Barbeau), The Rockford Files, Barnaby Jones (with Marc Alaimo and Lee Meriwether), The Love Boat, Murder, She Wrote (with Bernie Casey, Todd Bryant and Paul Sorvino) and ER.

Mandan appeared in motion pictures such as Light Fantastic, The Carey Treatment, Hickey & Boggs, MacArthur (with Kenneth Tobey and William Wellman, Jr.), Zapped! (with Merritt Butrick), The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Nutt House, The MatchMaker and Teddy Bears' Picnic (with Michael McKean).

Mandan died on 29 April 2018. (Screen Actors Guild Magazine, Special Edition 2019, p. 94)

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