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Robert Miano (born 25 September 1942; age 78) is the actor who played Frank Chalmers, aka "Frankie Eyes", in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine seventh season episode "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang".

Miano is a veteran character actor of numerous films and television series. One of his more notable film roles was mobster Sonny Red in the 1997 drama Donnie Brasco, co-starring Star Trek: Enterprise guest actor Zach Grenier.

Miano made his film debut in 1973's Badge 373, playing an associate of a character played by Henry Darrow; the film also starred Tracey Walter. He followed this with a role in 1976's The Money (starring Laurence Luckinbill and George Hearn). His other film credits include Kiss Me Goodbye (1982, with Paul Dooley and Michael Ensign), Vice Squad (1982, also with Michael Ensign), Firestarter (1984, with Louise Fletcher and Leon Rippy), Hollywood Vice Squad (1986, with Ronny Cox and Frank Gorshin), Traxx (1988, with Leon Rippy and Herschel Sparber), Quest of the Delta Knights (1993, starring David Warner), Sliver (1993, with Jim Beaver), The Funeral (1996, with John Hoyt), and Dungeons & Dragons (2000, with Lee Arenberg).

He has also made several guest appearances on TV's T.J. Hooker, starring William Shatner in the title role, along with James Darren and Richard Herd. The other TV series on which he has appeared include Fantasy Island (with Ricardo Montalban), The A-Team (with Dwight Schultz), and Frasier (with Kelsey Grammer). He has also appeared in a number of TV movies, including 1995's A Death in California (co-starring Fritz Weaver, William Lucking, Chad Allen, Kenneth Tigar, John McLiam, and George D. Wallace) and 1990's El Diablo (with Robert Beltran, John Glover, and Jim Beaver).

Among the acting teachers Miano studied under was Jeff Corey, who guest-starred on Star Trek: The Original Series, playing Plasus in the episode "The Cloud Minders".

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