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Robert S. Sallin (born 22 September 1931; age 89) was the producer of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He was given the job of making this production with a much smaller budget than was used to make Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Among his achievements was changing the Starfleet costumes from the one-piece jumpsuits of The Motion Picture to the more comfortable uniforms seen in Star Trek II and subsequent films. He also ensured that James T. Kirk received his famous dramatic entrance.

Star Trek II is the only film Sallin has produced. He originally aspired to become an actor, but soon moved to directing and behind-the-camera work, graduating from UCLA's film school in 1953. During the 1958-59 television season, Sallin served as a production assistant on NBC's adventure series Steve Canyon. He went on to direct the 1969 Warner Bros/Seven Arts drama The Picasso Summer, which was TOS guest star Theo Marcuse's last film. He later directed episodes of the CBS shows The American Girls and The Mississippi, and two episodes of the NBC series Riptide, including one with Miriam Flynn.

For most of his career, Sallin worked in advertising, running his own company, Kaleidoscope Productions. He produced and directed hundreds of commercials. Sallin was a Second Unit Director on the 1995 Warner Bros. action film Assassins. Stephen Liska was a cast member in this film, which featured art direction by Nathan Crowley.

More recently, retiring from the film industry, Sallin worked as a creative and management consultant to the communications, media and advertising industries. His client list has included the Los Angeles Police Department, The University of California, Santa Barbara, Pacific Data Images (now Dreamworks SKG), and the Turner Broadcasting System.

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