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Robin Ritter (9 October 195919 September 2006; age 46) was an actress, writer, and producer who was featured as a Bajoran bar patron in the Star Trek: The Next Generation seventh season episode "Preemptive Strike". As a background actress she received no credit for this appearance.

Ritter trained acting under Cathy Henderson and W. Morgan Sheppard and stunts under John Kreng. She had supporting and featured roles in episodes of Baywatch (directed by Gregory J. Barnett), NYPD Blue, The X-Files, and Days of Our Lives. Her film credits include the short film Silent Whispers (1998), the independent film Boxes (2000), the short film The Caretaker (2001), and the mystery thriller Specter's Rock (2003, with Michael John Anderson). On the latter two she also served as producer. In addition Ritter was the stand-in for actress Laura Harring in David Lynch's mystery thriller Mullholland Dr. (2001, with Patrick Fischler, Wayne Grace, Blake Lindsley).

More recently she portrayed the character Nurse Helen, served as producer and second unit director on the horror comedy Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre (2009). She founded the paranormal investigation company "Spirit Seekers Investigators". Following a role in the drama Henry's Future (2011), Ritter reprised her role in the horror sequel Caesar and Otto's Deadly Christmas (2012) on which she also worked as producer.

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