A rocket launcher was a large hand-held weapon that could fire a rocket over a long distance.

On the planet Coridan in 2151, a Vulcan commando under the command of Captain Sopek used a rocket launcher in a battle against Coridanite rebels. It fired rockets that were brightly colored blue. Use of the device to fire two rockets resulted in knocking the Coridan rebels unconscious, with the exception of their leader, Traeg, who was soon thereafter shot by Andorians Shran and Tholos. (ENT: "Shadows of P'Jem")

The Vulcan rocket launcher is not named on screen; the reference to it as a rocket launcher comes from a scene description in the final draft script for "Shadows of P'Jem", where it is referred to as "an over-the-shoulder rocket launcher." The same script refers to the weapon firing three rockets during the conflict, though only the latter two shots are shown in the episode's final edit. The Vulcan rocket launcher was presumably also used to explosively break through a wall, when the Vulcans entered the battle.

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