Captain Protons rocket ship

Captain Proton's rocket ship

Rocket ship illustration

An illustration of rocket ships

A rocket ship was an orbital or interplanetary spacecraft propelled by a rocket that featured in many 20th century science fiction stories. In The Adventures of Captain Proton, the rocket engine was described as a space drive.

The fictional character Captain Proton used a rocket ship which was equipped with a destructo beam. (VOY: "Night", "Bride of Chaotica!")

In July 1947, after encountering Quark, Rom, and Nog, Nurse Faith Garland believed that the Ferengi would teach Humanity how to build rocket ships to travel into space. (DS9: "Little Green Men")

In 1953, Roy Ritterhouse drew an illustration for the Incredible Tales magazine that showed a Human family being sold a rocket ship. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

In 2000, after Shannon O'Donnel described herself as an explorer, Henry Janeway noted that her station wagon didn't resemble a sailing ship. O'Donnel corrected him and said it was in fact a rocket ship. (VOY: "11:59")

In 2269 on the planet Phylos, the crew of the USS Enterprise saw Phylosian starships, which heavily resembled rocket ships. (TAS: "The Infinite Vulcan")

Proton's rocket ship was designed by visual effects supervisor Dan Curry. (Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 229))

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