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Roddenberry Entertainment, Inc., incorporated on 4 February 1997, [1] is a production and distribution company which is co-producing the Star Trek series Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, and Star Trek: Lower Decks. The company also (co-)produces graphic novels, comics, podcasts, fan films, and documentary films as well as other television projects, many of which with Star Trek connections. [2] [3] This is unsurprising, as its founder, owner, and CEO, Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, Jr., is the son of the late Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry. A major release of the company has become the 2016 Star Trek: The Original Series - The Roddenberry Vault three-disc Blu-ray Disc production, in conjunction with CBS Consumer Products.

The company previously produced the short film Days Missing (2009), the documentary Trek Nation (2010), and the short science fiction films White Room: 02B3 (2012, with makeup by Robert Kato DeStefan and Thomas E. Surprenant) and Instant (2015, with Manu Intiraymi and Phil Morris).

Roddenberry Entertainment also produces "Mission Log", a weekly podcast produced by Rod Roddenberry and hosted by Ken Ray and John Champion that re-watches and discusses each Star Trek episode and film. [4]

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Until 2004, Roddenberry Entertainment was the main holding through which CEO Roddenberry, Jr. plied his trade. Due to the proliferation of productions, however, he decided to establish an overall, umbrella company "Roddenberry Productions" under which all Roddenberry-related companies were placed. These included the two oldest ones that his father had originally established, and which are still in existence: Norway Corporation and Lincoln Enterprises. Now subordinated under the new holding, which came into being on 23 June 2004, [5] Roddenberry Entertainment currently focuses on the (co-)production and distribution of the newest Trek-related shows.

The official web site currently serves as a catch-for-all of all Roddenberry's holdings, with his father's lifelong accountant and close family friend, Mort Kessler, having served for the family holdings in a similar function until his retirement.

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