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"Roger is a very determined man. He'd find a way to live."
– Christine Chapel, 2266 ("What Are Little Girls Made Of?")

Doctor Roger Korby was a renowned male Human scientist and professor who lived during the mid-23rd century. He was the ex-fiancée of Christine Chapel.


Early career[]

Described by Joseph M´Benga as the "Pasteur of archaeological medicine", Korby enumerated three principles that were considered foundational to the field:

  1. "Medicine is always ancient and new, as cultures' understanding of what medicine is changes over time."
  2. "The keys to solving our toughest medical problems are often found by looking backward."
  3. "As a result, archaeological medicine is as much a study of history as it is of science." (TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"; SNW: "Charades")

In 2259, Korby sent a message to Christine Chapel aboard the USS Enterprise informing her of her acceptance into his fellowship. (SNW: "Subspace Rhapsody")

Korby's translations of medical records found in ruins on Orion revolutionized Federation immunological techniques in the 23rd century. These were required reading at Starfleet Academy.

He was a professor before his expedition to Exo III. He taught that "freedom of movement and choice produced the Human spirit". He became romantically involved with one of his students, Christine Chapel, who became his fiancée.

Exo III[]

In or shortly before 2261, Korby led an expedition to Exo III, where he was badly injured by exposure to the planet's bitterly cold temperatures. He lived long enough to discover an ancient android civilization there. Using their techniques, he constructed an android body into which he transferred his consciousness. His ruined corporeal form expired that year, but his consciousness survived for over five more years as an android. (TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?")


Background information[]

Roger Korby was played by actor Michael Strong.

When Korby's image was introduced in the script of "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", he was referred to as "an intelligent-looking, but strong-faced man in his late-forties, with a self-assured and commanding presence himself." The cast list called him "Robert Korby", while the rest of the script called him Roger. [1]

On his archival picture, as shown on Spock's station video screen, Korby was wearing a turtleneck Starfleet shirt left over from the two pilots.


The Star Trek: New Visions "The Survival Equation" comic reveals that Andrea's features were patterned after a member of Korby's crew, Andrea Milton (β), who had died prior to the events of "What Are Little Girls Made Of?".

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