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Roger Stine is an artist who specialized in cover art for magazines and comics. He has provided a limited amount of Star Trek-themed covers for several print publications.

His first Star Trek cover was for a planned 1979/1980 theme-issue of the science-fiction and fantasy magazine Cinefantastique on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. However due to several editorial issues, that magazine issue never came to fruition, and his completed but unused cover art lingered almost forgotten in the Cinefantastique archives for decades. It however, after Cinefantastique went out of business, turned up at auction as Lot 257 in Profiles in History's Hollywood Auction 24 on 31 March 2006, where it was acquired for US$1,000 (having had an estimate of US$300-$500) by former Star Trek production staffer Daren Dochterman. [1](X) Dochterman graciously made the cover art available to the publishers of the 2014 reference book Return to Tomorrow - The Filming of Star Trek: The Motion Picture for use as the book cover, when the articles, originally written for the abandoned magazine issue were yet published. Stine's two other, used, Cinefantastique pieces of Star Trek cover art, also turned up in the same auction as Lot 240 (on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and estimated at US$400-$600, selling for US$2,250) and Lot 260 (on Star Trek: The Next Generation and estimated at US$400-$600, selling for US$1,500). In 1989, Stine provided his last known Star Trek cover art for the DC Comics adaptation of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

He broke into the industry in the early 1970s, and has produced a variety of covers on major titles including Conan and Savage Sword of Conan, Heavy Metal, various titles in the Microgames series of board games from Metagaming, and Cinefantastique magazine including a well-received 1977 Carrie inspired painting.

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