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Rom's Song was a song sung by Max Grodénchik at a Star Trek convention in London in 1996. It was printed in Star Trek Monthly issue 17.

It is a parody of the song "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, from the musical My Fair Lady.


All I want is my brother's bar,
Can't we get rid of our Ferengi star?
Kill him off like Natasha Yar,
Oh, wouldn't it be lovely?
Lots of profit for me to make,
None of Quark's crap would I have to take,
Come drink free with Nog and Jake
Oh, wouldn't it be lovely?
Oh, so lovely
When the Nagus was here I would grant his
every wish,
I would memorize each Rule of Acquisition.
A dabo girl sitting on my knee,
Holosuite program, adults only,
Odo moves to 'Deep Space Three'
Oh wouldn't it be lovely?

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