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Roma Goddard is a hair stylist who worked on Star Trek: Enterprise. Her work earned her an Emmy Award in 2002 for Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series for the episode "Two Days and Two Nights", shared with Michael Moore, Gloria Pasqua Casny, Laura Connolly, and Cheri Ruff, and an Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series for the episode "In a Mirror, Darkly", shared with Michael Moore and Laura Connolly.

Prior to her work on Enterprise, Goddard worked as hair stylist on the drama Malevolence (1995), the drama series Nothing Sacred (1997-1998), the action series Martial Law (1998-2000), the comedy series DAG (2000-2001), the drama series Gilmore Girls (2001, with Patricia Vecchio), the drama series The District (2001), the sport drama 61* (2001, with Hazel Catmull), the science fiction series Roswell (2001, starring William Sadler), and Steven Spielberg's science fiction film Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001).

Following her association with Enterprise she worked as hair stylist on the science fiction series Invasion (2005-2006, with make-up artists René Dashiell Kerby, Grady Holder, and Marianna Elias), the comedy Year of the Dog (2007, with Norma Lee), the drama series Standoff (2006-2007, with makeup artist Andy Clement), and the drama series Private Practice (2007).

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