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Romolo Acquistapace (5 December 191617 July 1997; age 80) was a gaffer on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Acquistapace worked as a gaffer on a number of television movies in the 1970s and 1980s. These include She Lives! (1973, with Anthony Zerbe), To Kill a Cop (1978, with Diana Muldaur and Alan Oppenheimer), Angel on My Shoulder (1980, with Richard Kiley, Seymour Cassel and Charles Cooper), The Pride of Jesse Hallam and Bitter Harvest (1981, with Dwight Schultz), Murder Me, Murder You and The Day After (1983, with Bibi Besch), Toughlove (1985), Between Two Women (1986, with Michael Nouri and Terry O'Quinn), Love Among Thieves and In Love and War (1987, with Samantha Eggar, Christopher Neame and James Lashly), Police Story: The Watch Commander (1988, with Gregg Henry and David Graf), and Single Women Married Men (1989, with Michael Ensign).

He also served as gaffer on a 1977 episode of The Waltons (with Ronnie Claire Edwards), two episodes of the 1985 mini-series Space and two episodes of the 1988 mini-series Windmills of the Gods.

Acquistapace was the chief lighting technician for the 1984 television movie Boys in Blue (with Gregg Henry, Gerrit Graham and Rhonda Aldrich) and the 1986 feature film Thunder Run.

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