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Romulan senate floor, 2379

Romulan senators in 2379

The following is a list of Romulans who were part of the Romulan Senate.



Senators []

Forty-four senators, including Senator Tal'aura, were part of the Romulan Senate in 2379, headed by Praetor Hiren, when the senate discussed the further contact with Shinzon. When Tal'aura left with the excuse of meeting the Tholian ambassador, she left a thalaron radiation projector which killed all Romulans in the senate. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Romulan senate, deleted scene

John Berg's deleted scene

Only forty-two members are clearly seen as only the hands of the two senators seen to the far right of the praetor are on camera. Some of them are featured during their makeup process in the special "Romulan Design" on the Blu-ray release of the film.

Among the unidentified actors are Stephen Ryan, Michael Keppel, Bradford Kelly, Jonathan Engle, David Fahning, Jason Decker, and Richard Irving.

John Berg's credited role as "Senator" had dialogue in a deleted scene of the film. The Star Trek Customizable Card Game gives his name as Sabrun.