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Ron Ames is a visual effects producer, director, and assistant director who worked as visual effects producer for Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures on 2013' Star Trek Into Darkness. [1] Ames is also working as teacher and coach. [2]

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Directing Edit

In the 1990s, Ames worked as director on episodes of the television series Silk Stalkings (1993 and 1994, with Gina Philips, Marta DuBois, Charlie Brill, Mark Moses, Leslie Bevis, and Gina Ravera) and Weird Science (1995). In addition, he directed several television commercials.

In the more recent years, he worked as second unit assistant director on the crime thriller The Departed (2006), the drama The Good Shepherd (2006), and the thriller Shutter Island (2010) and as first assistant director on the horror film Choose (2010). On the latter film he also received credit as associate producer and post production supervisor.

Visual Effects Edit

Ames' first credit as visual effects producer was on Martin Scorcese's drama The Aviator in 2004. For this film he received a Visual Effects Society Award nomination in the category Best Single Visual Effect of the Year in 2005, shared with Robert Legato, Peter G. Travers and David Seager. The same year he won a VES Award in the category Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Motion Picture for his work on The Aviator, shared with Legato, Peter G. Travers and Matthew Gratzner.

Further credits as visual effects producer include the sport comedy Tennis, Anyone...? (2005), the drama Walker Payne (2006), the crime thriller The Departed (2006), the drama The Good Shepherd (2006), the documentary Standard Operating Procedure (2008), James Cameron's fantasy blockbuster Avatar (2009), the thriller Shutter Island (2010), the drama Eat Pray Love (2010), and the science fiction drama Real Steel (2011).

Following his work on Star Trek Into Darkness, Ames worked as visual effects producer on the short drama Wild Horses (2013, with Barbara Tarbuck) and is attached to the comic adaptation The Avengers: Age of Ultron, set for a 2015 release and starring Chris Hemsworth.

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