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Rosetta is a Pocket ENT novel written by Dave Stern. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in January 2006.


From the book jacket
Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Starship Enterprise™ find their way forward blocked by a mysterious alien vessel, piloted by a race they will soon come to know as the Antianna. Unable to decipher the alien ship's transmissions, unwilling to risk a battle, Enterprise is forced to veer from its planned course.
Almost immediately, they find themselves in the heart of space ruled by the Thelasian Trading Confederacy, who have also had dealings with the Antianna. The Thelasian leader, Governor Maxim Sen, is in fact in the middle of organizing a war against the Antianna, to eliminate the threat they pose to the Confederacy's trading routes.
Archer suspects Sen has other motives as well. He also suspects that there is a reason for the Antianna's seemingly hostile posture. But with the assembled races of an entire sector against him, he needs more than just suspicions. He needs facts. And only one woman can give them to him: Ensign Hoshi Sato. If she can translate the Antianna language, peace may just be possible. If not, war – a devastating sector-wide war – will soon result.

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Background information

  • The author's note established that this story is set between the ENT Season 4 episodes "Bound" and "Demons".
  • Hoshi overhears aliens talking about the Trill.
  • The events of this book are referenced in the The Sky's the Limit short story "Friends With The Sparrows"; one of Data's Tamarian language-inspired phrases is "Sato with the Antianna".


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