Rota was the alias assumed by Commander Kira Nerys in 2375 as part of a Cardassian Rebellion plan to steal a Jem'Hadar attack ship (fitted with a Breen energy dissipator) from the Kelvas repair facility.

"Rota" was a Bajoran Starfleet commander and the deputy intelligence officer for an entire sector. Garak introduced her thusly to Luaran suggesting she might want to interrogate Rota, given her job description.

When asked by the Vorta why she hadn't been informed of the capture, Garak explained that Rota had been captured yesterday while a communications blackout was in effect. Luaran requested Garak's orders, only to be interrupted by "The Founder" (actually Odo), who said "she" would interrogate Rota herself. This was done to maintain the ruse until "she" could hand off a plasma rifle to Garak and begin the process of seizing the ship. (DS9: "Tacking Into the Wind")

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