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Ruhn's dreadnaught was a Breen dreadnaught that acted as the flagship of Primarch Ruhn of the Sixth Flight.


In the 3180s, Moll and L'ak met on the dreadnaught while Moll was trading dilithium with the Breen in her role as a courier. L'ak, the Primarch's disgruntled nephew, agreed to help her rip Ruhn off. When they were caught, L'ak helped Moll to escape at the cost of an erigah bounty being placed upon him. (DIS: "Mirrors")

In 3191, after Moll and L'ak were captured by the United Federation of Planets, Ruhn traveled to the USS Federation in his dreadnaught to demand that they be handed over. Captain Michael Burnham recognized it as being the same ship that she and Commander Rayner had witnessed in an alternate timeline that had destroyed the Federation. After L'ak's death, Ruhn left with his nephew's body and Moll to seek the Progenitors' technology in order to give himself an edge in becoming the new Breen Emperor. (DIS: "Erigah")

During a battle for control of the Progenitors' technology, an away team from the USS Discovery managed to board the ship and lower its shields before Discovery itself rammed through the shuttle bay's containment field and blasted the inside with its weapons, severely damaging the dreadnaught. (DIS: "Lagrange Point")

Unable to destroy the dreadnaught, Discovery ultimately used its spore drive to send the vessel and a scout ship from Primarch Tahal's fleet to the galactic barrier. Commander Rayner noted that it would take the dreadnaught a couple of decades to return to Breen space, but the crew would survive. (DIS: "Life, Itself")

Alternate timelines and realities[]

Breen dreadnaught

The dreadnaught, off to the right, near the ruins of Federation Headquarters in 3218

In an alternate timeline where the USS Discovery was trapped by Moll and L'ak in time cycling, they were able to retrieve the Progenitors' technology and either sold it to Ruhn or he killed them and took it for himself. With the technology in his possession, Ruhn and his ship destroyed the Federation. In 3218, after arriving onboard the derelict USS Discovery, Captain Michael Burnham and Commander Rayner spotted the dreadnaught parked near the ruins of the USS Federation. Burnham recognized it as a Breen starship which Zora confirmed and explained what had happened. (DIS: "Face the Strange", "Mirrors", "Erigah")

Technical data[]

As a Breen dreadnaught, it easily dwarfed the USS Federation. The inside was one massive cavernous space stretching the entire length of the ship with forcefields sealing off either end and the bridge being located on a platform over the cavernous space. (DIS: "Erigah", "Labyrinths")

It had powerful shields that prevented the Federation from even being able to scan it and it was equipped with torpedo launchers. However, the shields had a gap in their coverage right at the exhaust port which served as a weakness. (DIS: "Erigah", "Lagrange Point")

The dreadnaught could use shield-tunneling technology to get through deflector shields and beam aboard soldiers. (DIS: "Labyrinths")

The dreadnaught was also equipped with a powerful directed energy weapon of some kind. (DIS: "Labyrinths")

At warp speed, it would take the dreadnaught a couple of decades to travel back to Breen space from the galactic barrier. (DIS: "Life, Itself")