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For the DS9 episode of the same name, please see "Rules of Engagement".

Kirk squares off against the Klingons – in a battle he cannot win!

Rules of Engagement is a Pocket TOS novel – #48 in the numbered series – written by Peter Morwood. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in February 1990.

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
A sudden revolution on the planet Dekkanar brings Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise running to evacuate Federation personnel trapped there. But their orders from Starfleet are quite clear; the U.S.S. Enterprise is to assist in the evacuation, no more. No weapons are to be displayed, no shields raised, no shots fired.
Meanwhile, halfway across the galaxy, an experimental Klingon warship sets forth on a mission of its own, a warship with hidden – and heretofore undreamed of – capabilities, commanded by a warrior who will stop at nothing to bring glory to his Empire – and restore his own lost honor.
The Klingon ship's destination? The planet Dekkanar…

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Background information Edit

Koloth, 2268

A Klingon-Human fusion from the 2260s

Characters Edit

James T. Kirk 
Starfleet rear admiral.
First officer of the Enterprise.
Nic Farey 
Captain of Vanguard.
Gytha North 
Captain of Sir Richard.
Kasak sutai-Khornezh 
Klingon captain.

References Edit

IKS Hakkarl (KL-1017) (β
Klingon K't'inga-class battle cruiser, automated and controlled from Tazhat
USS Ivan Groznyy (β)
USS Minsk (β)
USS Nelson (β)
USS Potemkin 
USS Sakharov
USS Sir Richard (NCC-2382) 
Captain Gytha North
IKS Tarkan (β
K't'inga-class cruiser
IKS Tazhat (KL-1018) (β
Klingon Bird-of-Prey scout of Captain Kasak sutai-Khornezh
USS Vanguard (NCC-2360) 
Captain Nic Farey

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