Rurigan was a male Yaderan. He lived on Yadera Prime until it was conquered by the Dominion in 2340. He apparently possessed some knowledge of holographic programming and design. Unhappy with the changes brought on by the Dominion, he decided to move to Yadera II, and created a holographic recreation of a village which represented all that he had lost. The holographic projector was disguised as the village's reactor.

Over the next thirty years, he watched his creations marry, have children, and grow old. He himself raised a family and had a daughter named Anetra. She had a child named Taya, who was a granddaughter to Rurigan. Over time, he came to accept them as real and to feel emotions for them, especially love for his family.

In 2370, when Odo and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax landed on the planet, the holographic figures were disappearing, probably to the age and general wear and tear on the machine which Dax was able to fix to restore Rurigan's world. After repairing the projector, Odo and Dax honored a request by Rurigan that his creations would not know that he was a real person. (DS9: "Shadowplay")

Rurigan was played by Kenneth Tobey.
According to the Star Trek Adventures - Gamma Quadrant sourcebook, Rurigan eventually used his ship's transporter to discorporate his body and transfer his memories and personality into the holomatrix, enabling him to live on as a hologram like the rest of his people. His people would later develop holoships, which had mobile emitters and the technology to generate wormholes.

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