The Rutians were a spacefaring humanoid race from the planet Rutia IV. They remained unaligned, despite a long history of trade relations with the Federation, and had yet to achieve a unified planetary government by 2366. (TNG: "The High Ground")

Female Rutians were characterized by light-red hair with a dark streak running through the left side of it while male Rutians often had dark hair with a lock of grey hair running through it on the right.

Mazarites sporterd a similar hair pattern.


Around 2296, the eastern continent denied the western continent independence, an event considered to be the start of the Ansata movement.

By 2366, the Ansata had started to use violence, ending a generation of peace. That year, the Enterprise visited Rutia to deliver medical supplies in relation to the crisis. While there, Ansata terrorists kidnapped Doctor Beverly Crusher and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, demanding that a Federation mediator be sent to Rutia to settle the arguments. The leader of the Ansata at the time was Kyril Finn, who was killed during an attempt to rescue the hostages.

Society and technology

The Rutians had police force that was forced to guard against the Ansata group. (TNG: "The High Ground")

During the 2260s, Federation weaponry was more advanced then that of the Rutians. (TNG: "The High Ground")

Planetary transport on Rutia included Police transports and shuttlebusses, the latter seating up to sixty schoolchildren. (TNG: "The High Ground")

The Rutians also had at least some warp-powered vehicles. In 2368, a Rutian archaeological vessel was in the vicinity of Dulisian IV. (TNG: "Unification II")


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