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Stephani Danielle Perry (born 14 March 1970; age 52) is the author of many Star Trek novels and short stories.


S.D. Perry was born in the early 1970s and began to write media tie ins and novelizations in the mid-1990s. Her favorite Star Trek series is Star Trek: The Original Series, with her favorite characters being "The Big Three" – Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

She began to watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine during its fourth season. Several characters from DS9 are her favorite Star Trek characters, including Elim Garak, Quark and Weyoun. One of the reasons she likes Spock is for his "pure animal magnetism".

Perry saw an early copy of Andrew Robinson's novel A Stitch in Time, which focused on Garak. Perry described it as "total genius, seriously, and no ghost writer. He adds new dimension to a very unusual character"

Perry has also written several Xena: Warrior Princess, Aliens and Resident Evil novels. Perry is also the author of Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report.

She currently lives in Portland, Oregon, and is married.

Star Trek novels

Perry was asked to write the novels that began the new Deep Space Nine relaunch seriesAvatar, Book One and Avatar, Book Two – by Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri, who knew her from novelizations of films and video games she had written. These two were reprinted in the Twist of Faith omnibus in 2007, along with Abyss and Demons of Air and Darkness.

Perry eventually bookended the first "phase" of the relaunch with the novels Rising Son and Unity. She also wrote the Star Trek: Section 31 novel Cloak.

Before she began writing Star Trek novels, Perry wrote the short stories "Sins of the Mother" and "Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor" in The Lives of Dax anthology. She wrote the latter story with Robert Simpson.

In 2008, Perry wrote Night of the Wolves and Dawn of the Eagles in collaboration with Britta Dennison, two parts of the Star Trek: Terok Nor miniseries.

2010 saw the release of her second Original Series novel, Inception, which she likewise wrote in collaboration with Dennison.

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