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S. John Ross (born 15 July 1971; age 48) is an RPG writer who began work in the early 1990s for Steve Jackson Games and the Avalon Hill Game Company. Since then he's written, designed, edited and graphically produced RPG works for publishers including Last Unicorn, Hero Games, TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Flying Buffalo, Guardians of Order and others. Sometime around 1999, he began edging away from freelance work and focusing more on his own company, Cumberland Games & Diversions. He still works occasionally for other publishers, including work in 2005 with Steven S. Long, continuing a friendship that began when the two writers worked together on the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek roleplaying game series.

His sole contribution to canon was indirect, the result of his work as the primary author of Among the Clans, in which he introduced the term Ushaan as part of an Andorian language he created for the book. The book was further referenced by Michael A. Martin in his Pocket ENT novel, Beneath the Raptor's Wing, which furthered the book's suggestion that the despot Krotus was Andorian.

Star Trek works Edit

Contributions to lost (unpublished) LUG material Edit

  • Final Frontiers: The Star Trek Films (Editor & Developer, Contributor)
  • The Klingon Empire: Blood and Honor (Contributor)
  • The Starfleet Security Handbook (Contributor)
  • Merchants & Traders: The Latinum Main (Contributor)
  • Through a Glass Darkly: The Mirror Universe (Minor Contributor)
  • The Rigel System (Contributor)
  • Sky Princes of Orion (Contributor)

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