SHN 03 was an Class C shuttlecraft attached to the USS Archimedes in 2239.

In 2239, Lieutenant Philippa Georgiou was given special permission by Starfleet to land the shuttle on the surface of Kaminar and make first contact with Saru, a Kelpien. Saru left with Georgiou aboard the shuttle, which jumped to warp in the planet's atmosphere and was seen by Siranna. (ST: "The Brightest Star"; DIS: "The Sound of Thunder")

Background information Edit

Archimedes shuttlecraft

The shuttle as it appears in "The Sounds of Thunder"

When the shuttle was first shown in "The Brightest Star", it bore the registry "SHN 03", apparently suggesting that the shuttle was attached to the USS Shenzhou. Dialogue in "The Sound of Thunder" established that Lt. Georgiou was serving aboard the USS Archimedes when she made contact with Saru; in footage from "The Brightest Star" reused in "The Sounds of Thunder", the "SHN" was removed, so the shuttle's visible registry is merely "03".

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