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SNW Season 2 4K UHD cover UK edition


4K Ultra HD release
Series: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
Season: Two
No. of episodes: 10
No. of discs: 3 (4K UHD)
Run time: 556 minutes
Release date: 4 December 2023 (UK)
Other release date(s): 5 December 2023 (SteelBook® North America)
7 December 2023 (SteelBook® Germany)
19 December 2023 (Regular release North America)
7 March 2024 (Regular release Germany)
Rating(s): CHVRS - Parental Guidance BBFC - 15 FSK - Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
Language: English (DTS-HD MA 5.1)
Dubbed: French (DD 5.1), German (DD 5.1)
Reference: ASIN B0CKZCZVX1 (UK)
ASIN B0CF45CKV1 (SteelBook® North America)
ASIN B0CKLWSHWK (SteelBook® Germany)
ASIN B0CKFDQ7V3 (Regular release North America)
ASIN B0CRKKL39S (Regular release Germany)
Year: 2023
SNW Season 2 4K UHD cover steelbook edition

Alt cover

Alt cover
SNW Season 2 4K UHD cover steelbook edition contents
4K UHD SteelBook® set contents

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - Season Two is a three-disc 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release featuring the complete second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

This release was the second 4K UDH home video release of a Star Trek television series. As with the first season release however, it was the UK that scored the scoop by releasing the format first on 4 December 2023. North America followed suit a day later. Unlike the UK though, where the release was issued in a standard three-disc holding plastic snapcase within a cardboard slipover cover, it was decided in North America to release the production in the limited SteelBook® edition first, before releasing a regular edition later on, a release format carried over from the previous 4K UHD release.

In similar vein, Germany saw a SteelBook edition release first, before a separate regular release became released four months later.

Disc contents[]

"The Broken Circle"
"Ad Astra per Aspera"
"Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow"
"Among the Lotus Eaters"
Special Features
  • Extended/Deleted Scenes
    • "The Broken Circle" (1:52, 1 deleted scene)
    • "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" (2:15, 2 extended and 1 deleted scenes)
"Lost in Translation"
"Those Old Scientists"
"Under the Cloak of War"
Special Features
  • Extended/Deleted Scenes
    • "Charades" (0:45, 1 extended scene)
    • "Lost in Translation" (4:49, 3 extended scenes)
    • "Those Old Scientists" (0:55, 1 extended scene)
    • "Under the Cloak of War" (3:17, 1 extended and 2 deleted scenes)
"Subspace Rhapsody"
Special Features
  • Deleted Scene
    • "Subspace Rhapsody" (2:09, 1 extended and 1 alternate scene)
  • Documentaries
    • "Producing Props" (10:46): Looking at Spock's lute, various Vulcan props from "Charades," and Spock's ears.
    • "The Costumes Closet" (13:21): Costume designer Bernadette Croft explores some of the less familiar and some of the more familiar costumes and costume elements seen throughout the season.
    • "The Gorn" (15:37): Looking at Gorn in the show, including creature design, costumes, animatronics, digital elements, and more.
    • "Singing in Space" (22:14): A deep look inside "Subspace Rhapsody."
    • "Exploring New Worlds" (46:30): A look into each episode, character arcs, new idea, returning characters, and theme developments.

The SteelBook® edition came with two physical bonuses,

  • Four exclusive character magnets, attachable to the box for customization
  • A "Subspace Rhapsody" poster

Background information[]

  • Because Strange New Worlds was already produced to 4K HD 2160p resolution standards by using the new 4K+ ultra high resolution ARRI Alexa cameras, [1] meant that a relatively costly remastering was not necessary to have a home video format released in the 4K UHD format. This also entailed that the special features, in Kurtzman-era Star Trek recorded simultaneously with the main live-action production in the same resolution standards, had the side-effect that all special features were featured on the 4K UHD discs themselves, without having to resort of having them included in the set on separate Blu-ray Discs, contrary to the older 4K UHD releases of the Star Trek films. The disc contents therefore are identical to those of its Blu-ray counterpart.
  • No audio commentaries were included on this release contrary to the first season release, because none were recorded due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike as organized by the Screen Actors Guild.
  • In Germany, a separate regular release was previously not contemplated for the first season 4K UHD release, but was this time around decided upon after all for the second season. This was undoubtedly motivated by the desire to increase availability in continental Europe of the 4K UHD production.
  • As is increasingly becoming commonplace, no Blu-ray disc versions are included in the set, contrary to the older 4K UHD film releases.

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