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Chronological list of studio models appearing in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

This list is of all new model designs that first appeared in Strange New Worlds. Information on models that represented a single design can be found in the articles linked below. Information on models that were recycled or refurbished to represent different vessels or props from different species in all series will be listed herein.

Season 1[]


USS Archer



USS Farragut


Stamets-type shuttlecraft[]

Pike's horse, April's shuttle

Stamets-type shtutlecraft

Shepherd ship[]

Shepherd ship

Sheperd ship

Federation cargo vessel[]

Federation cargo vessel

Federation cargo vessel

Gorn destroyer[]

Gorn destroyer

Gorn destroyer

Gorn hunter[]

Gorn hunter

Gorn hunter

R'ongovian solar sailship[]

R'ongovian flagship, sails furled

R'ongovian solar sailship

Majalan air transport[]

Majalan combat cruiser[]

Majalan combat cruiser, forward view

Majalan combat cruiser

Majalan shuttle[]

Majalan shuttle

Majalan shuttle

Angel's shuttle[]

Angel's shuttle

Angel's shuttle

Serene Squall[]

Serene Squall

Serene Squall


USS Peregrine

Sombra-class starship

Robotic mining craft[]

  • No information yet

Praetor's flagship[]

Praetor's Flagship 2266

Praetor's flagship

Season 2[]

Starbase 1 drone[]


NCC-1279 under construction


Kelcie Mae-type[]


  • See main article: NCC-7901