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For the Nazi paramilitary organization, please see SS.

SS was a identifying prefix before a starship name for some vessels in the Earth and Federation registries.

Prior to Dr. Zefram Cochrane's discovery of warp drive, it was used to signify sleeper ships and cryonics satellites. (TOS: "Space Seed"; TNG: "The Neutral Zone") The earliest warp-capable "space ships" used this registry. (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"; ENT: "Terra Nova") The prefix was then seen on survey ships and colonization starships. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

Within a hundred years, freighters and transports were given SS prefixes. (TOS: "Friday's Child"; Star Trek Generations) By the mid-24th century, some Oberth-class science ships were given the prefix as well. (TNG: "The Naked Now", "Hero Worship")

List of SS ships by dateEdit

Ship Name Registry Government/Agency Class/Type Commander(s) Dates Image
SS Birdseye 4077 unknown Cryonics satellite none circa 1994 Cryonics satellite
SS Botany Bay unknown Khan Noonien Singh's government DY-100 class Khan Noonien Singh 1996 SS Botany Bay, remastered
SS Valiant unknown unknown Exploration vessel unknown 2065 no image
SS Conestoga unknown Space Agency Colony ship Captain Mitchell 2069-2078 SS Conestoga 3
SS Emmette unknown unknown Emmette-type unknown Late 21st century - mid 22nd century SS Emmette
SS Hokule'a unknown unknown DY-500-B Captain Melinda Snodgrass 2102 no image
SS Tomobiki unknown unknown RT-2203 Captain P. Lauritson 2119 no image
SS Seattle unknown unknown NAR18834 Captain Wendy Neuss 2120 no image
SS Mariposa NAR-7678 UN DY-500 class Captain Walter Granger 2123 SS Mariposa
SS Buckaroo Banzai unknown unknown BBI-993 Captain John Whorfin 2137 no image
SS Urusei Yatsura unknown unknown DY-430 Captain Dave Glick 2146 no image
SS Hatteras unknown United Federation of Planets DY-245 Captain Gary Loes 2187 no image
SS Columbia unknown American Continent Institute Survey vessel Dr. Theodore Haskins 2236 no image
SS Beagle unknown United Federation of Planets Class 4 stardrive vessel Captain R.M. Merik 2261 no image
SS Dierdre unknown United Federation of Planets Freighter unknown 2267 no image
SS Lakul NFT-7793 United Federation of Planets Whorfin-class unknown 2293 SS Lakul
SS Robert Fox NFT-1327 United Federation of Planets Whorfin-class unknown 2293 SS Robert Fox
SS Kogin NAR-24016 United Federation of Planets Federation transport unknown 2328 no image
SS Manoa NAR-28474 United Federation of Planets Federation transport unknown 2328 no image
SS Wisconsin NAR-50732 United Federation of Planets Federation transport unknown 2328 no image
SS Shiku Maru NBT-30894 United Federation of Planets unknown Captain A. Silvestri Stardate 25058.4 no image
SS Santa Maria BDR-529 United Federation of Planets Erewon-class Alixus 2360 SS Santa Maria
SS Tsiolkovsky NCC-53911 United Federation of Planets Starfleet Oberth-class unknown 2364 SS Tsiolkovsky
SS Vico NAR-18834 United Federation of Planets Oberth-class unknown 2368 SS Vico
SS Oregon unknown unknown unknown Captain W. Clinton 2370 Deep Space 9 - vessel arrival roster 2
SS Xhosa unknown United Federation of Planets Antares-class Captain Kassidy Yates 2371 Xhosa

Background informationEdit

The registry "SS" is used by the United States Navy as a hull classification symbol for submarines. For merchant vessels, SS is used as a naming prefix for a steam ship. SS was first used in a Star Trek production as early as "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (for the SS Valiant), but was actually referenced in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek pitch for the main ship, the SS Yorktown, which ultimately became the USS Enterprise.

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