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The SS Eleos XII (NAR-59019) was a Phoenix-class civilian Federation starship that was in service during the early 25th century. It was affiliated with the Mariposas and operated by Doctor Beverly Crusher and her son, Jack Crusher. (PIC: "The Next Generation")


SS Eleos XII approaching Sarnia Prime

The SS Eleos XII approaching Sarnia Prime

In 2401, Beverly Crusher and her son Jack used the Eleos to hide from unknown assailants. They managed to escape encounters on Sarnia Prime, Kaphar, and Exo-Port. The ship was often kept running at the lowest possible power levels in order to avoid detection.

When Beverly was notified of an unauthorized docking, she attempted to escape by diverting all power towards starting the warp core. This would not happen fast enough however, as the ship was quickly boarded. Having already locked Jack out of the boarded area for his own safety, Beverly grabbed a phaser rifle and successfully fended off two intruders, vaporizing them, though not without sustaining serious injuries herself in the process. With more incoming enemy vessels detected, Beverly sent a coded distress call to Admiral Jean-Luc Picard before warping away from at least two approaching enemy ships and detaching from the initial docked one.

Picard and Captain William T. Riker found the ship adrift in a nebula in the Ryton system shortly thereafter. At this time Riker noted the ship's exterior showed phaser scorches and warp core damage. Docking the "borrowed" shuttle, Saavik from the USS Titan-A, Riker and Picard boarded the ship to find Beverly recovering in a med-pod. After a brief confrontation with Jack Crusher, the ship's warp field destabilized and a proximity alert sounded. Picard and Riker had unwittingly led the enemy right to the Crushers and the Eleos. (PIC: "The Next Generation")

The Shrike locked on to the Eleos with a tractor beam and nearly succeeded in making contact with it, being blocked only when the Titan-A physically interposed itself between the two ships, interrupting the tractor beam. After Picard, Riker, and the Crushers were beamed off of the Eleos, the Shrike again seized the ship with the tractor beam and physically flung it at the Titan, destroying the Eleos and causing significant damage to the Titan. (PIC: "Disengage")



Background information[]

According to shipclass co-designer Doug Drexler, the production background history of the SS Eleos was that of an older, decommissioned Starfleet "Expeditionary Medical Ship" (EMS), procured off-the-books by Beverly Crusher who pulled strings at Starfleet Medical. [1]

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