The SS Lakul (NFT-7793) was a Whorfin-class transport, under El-Aurian registry, that was in operation during the late-23rd century. It had a crew of twelve.

In 2293, the Lakul, together with the SS Robert Fox, transported several hundred El-Aurian refugees to Earth. Both ships became caught in an energy distortion, located three light years from Earth, known as the Nexus. The ships were able to send a distress call, but the responding ship, the USS Enterprise-B, was unable to save the passengers aboard Robert Fox, and the ship was destroyed by hull stresses from the Nexus. The Enterprise-B managed to save 47 of 150 passengers from the Lakul moments before it was also destroyed. Guinan and Tolian Soran were among those rescued. (Star Trek Generations)

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