The following is a list of personnel aboard the SS Lakul in 2293. (Star Trek Generations)

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This crewmember sent out a distress call in 2293 when the ship was trapped in a gravimetric distortion and asked for help. (Star Trek Generations)

This character appeared as an off-screen voiceover.
This crewman was voiced by an unknown actor.

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SS Lakul Data

The data of the Lakul

According to the data of the Lakul displayed at the science station aboard the USS Enterprise-B, eleven more crew members served aboard the Lakul. (Star Trek Generations)

These crew members were only mentioned in writing.

Dead refugees Edit

At least ninety-one El-Aurian refugees died when the Lakul was destroyed in the nexus in 2293.

These refugees were only mentioned in dialogue.
A total of 103 people died aboard the Lakul, and it is unknown if any of the survivors were members of the ship's crew.

Survivors Edit

These forty-five El-Aurians were transported from the SS Lakul aboard the USS Enterprise-B in 2293 after the starship was caught in the nexus. Montgomery Scott was able to rescue them and beamed them directly into the ship's sickbay where two journalists and Pavel Chekov cared for them and treated their wounds. The El-Aurian survivors all seemed very shocked about this event. (Star Trek Generations)

Pam Blackwell, El-Aurian

Pam Blackwell behind the scenes

The El-Aurian survivors were played by SAG actors and most of them received no credit for their work as day players. According to Kristopher Logan a handful were picked and received credit for their work although they had no dialogue. Among the credited actors are Kristopher Logan, Marcy Goldman, Judy Levitt, Jim Krestalude, and Gwen Van Dam but some of them had no screen time in the final cut of the film.
The fifth pictured actress also appeared as a recurring Bajoran woman in several episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and as a Hospital administrator in the Ally McBeal first season episode "These Are the Days" in 1998.
The Star Trek: The Lost Era novelWell of Souls named one of these refugees as Yuriel Tyvan (β).
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