The SS Manoa (NAR-28474) was a 24th century Federation transport.

In 2370, Data examined the commercial transport database archive records of the Manoa when he was verifying the story of Doctor Juliana Tainer that both she and Noonian Soong were passengers on a transport from Omicron Theta to Mavala IV in 2328. (TNG-R: "Inheritance")

This starship was only mentioned in writing.
Manoa is likely named after a valley in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The following passengers traveled on the transport ship in 2328:

Passenger Point of embarkation Destination Note/Special accommodations
Stimson, Mark Dytallix B Planet Epsilon Wiltz IV Purchased return trip but must exercise option B
Krosskove, Kris Spaceport Jonathan (W) Alpha Balder IV
Roller, T Coopersworld Mars City Station
Cabot, Zayra Gamma Trianguli VI Tarsus IV Low grav suite and class N environment
Gluckstern, Cheryl Vendikar Spaceport Rigel VII Lagrange colony
Lauritson, Peter Beta Berman I K Fernandes colony
Shimizu, Suzi Midos V Satellite City Spaceport Murasaki 312
Neuss, Wendy New Paris Colony Starbase Alpha Braga VII Class N environment suite
Echavarria, Rene Camus II Deneb II City
Shankar, Naren New Vegas colony Planet Beta III, System C-111
Fatjo, Lolita Planet Q Tarsas IV Transfer via Astral Queen
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