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The following is a list of SS Tsiolkovsky personnel, which originally had a crew complement of eighty. (TNG: "The Naked Now")


Bridge crew

Several members of the bridge crew were having a party on the bridge while under the influence of a polywater intoxication. They were overheard on the com channel when the USS Enterprise-D attempted to make contact with their vessel.

The hail was answered by a female officer was overheard laughing and making sexual offers to the bridge crew aboard the Enterprise-D.

Overheard in the background was a male officer who was also heard laughing in the background and overheard encouraged another crewmember to blow an emergency hatch, ultimately causing them all to be blown out into space. (TNG: "The Naked Now")

This bridge crew appeared as an off-screen voiceover.
The "Woman's Com Voice" was described in the script as being "low and insinuating". The other bridge crewmembers, who (like the woman's voice) were all voiced by unknown performers, and were described in the script simply as "the others".

Engineering crew

Ten crewmembers were discovered by Lieutenant Natasha Yar in engineering, who reported that they were all frozen to death, due to "someone 'playing' with the environmental controls." (TNG: "The Naked Now")

This engineering crew was only mentioned in dialogue.

Frozen crewmembers

These seven crewmembers were found dead by Geordi La Forge in the crew quarters due to the combined effects of the polywater intoxication and apparent exposure. (TNG: "The Naked Now")

These individuals, played by unknown performers, were described in the script as "several male and female bodies, scantily clad or (implied) nude, possibly a couple entwined. All are frozen and dead."

Frozen crewwoman in shower

A showering crewwoman

This sciences division crewwoman was found dead by Geordi La Forge in the same crew quarters. He discovered her in the shower with her clothes on. La Forge contracted the polywater intoxication after catching this crewwoman who had fallen out of the shower, when he placed his hand on the shower wall to stand back up.

Later, while determining the cause of the intoxication, William T. Riker recalled an instance of someone showering with their clothing on in the library-computer, who was later determined to have been discovered by the original USS Enterprise on Psi 2000, and had died under similar circumstances. The mention of La Forge's note of the crewwoman taking a shower with her clothes on triggered Riker's memory enough for Data to discover the cause of, and for Dr. Crusher to discover the subsequent cure for, the intoxication. (TNG: "The Naked Now")

This crewwoman was played by an unknown actress.
She was described in the script as "a frozen Woman's Body, fully clothed, falls out into [Geordi's] arms. Although startled, Geordi has the presence of mind to catch the ice-covered corpse and lower it to the floor." It was further stated that we see Geordi "examining the frozen woman who had once been attractive, shakes his head in pity."