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The SS Vico (NAR-18834) was a 24th century Federation Oberth-class starship. The Vico was designed for traveling through gravitional wavefronts.

In 2368, the Vico was sent to explore an astronomical formation known as a black cluster. During its mission, the research vessel communicated with Starbase 514.

While exploring the cluster's interior, the Vico began to encounter severe gravitational wave fronts, and in order to compensate, the Vico increased shield strength. Unknown at the time, the cluster contained a phenomenon that reflected the ship's shield output, so the more the Vico increased its shield strength, the more the wave fronts were amplified. This continued to occur until the Vico crew diverted warp power to the shields, at which point the wave fronts essentially destroyed the ship with its own shields.

Two days after the starbase lost contact with the vessel, the USS Enterprise-D investigated the disappearance of the Vico. The wrecked ship was located by the Enterprise-D, with only one survivor, Timothy, aboard. (TNG: "Hero Worship")




According to the call sheet, the scenes aboard the Vico were filmed on Friday 25 October 1991 on Paramount Stage 16.

The warp nacelles and dorsal surface of the engineering hull of the Vico bore Starfleet-like pennants. According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 458), as the Vico had a SS designation and it did not have a NCC registry prefix, the authors assumed it was not a Starfleet ship.

Curiously, the Vico registry, NAR18834, is also the name of a 22nd century ship class.

Unlike most other Oberth-class vessel seen on-screen, the Vico was not a reuse of the USS Grissom studio model from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, as the Oberth-class model was considered too valuable to cut up. Instead, a new model was built from molds taken from the Grissom model. (Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection issue 36, p. 17)

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