An S-class shuttle was a type of small spacecraft used in the Federation, considered antiquated by the late 24th century. It had two seats, no warp drive, and manual helm controls. Tom Paris' first flight was on an old S-class shuttle, with his father at the age of eight.

In 2376, Paris recalled to the sentient starship Alice that he had been scared out of his wits at first, when he couldn't get the shuttle level, but then there was a "moment of clarity, when suddenly everything made sense". (VOY: "Alice")

In the unrevised final draft of the script, instead of a "S class shuttle", Tom said that he learned to fly with "a vintage Piper Cherokee" adding that his father kept shouting "Stick and rudder!" "Stick and rudder!"
This may be an alternate name for the Class 1 shuttle, mentioned in "Fury", which Paris stated his father took him flying on in his youth. Likewise, it may have also been the family shuttle Paris spoke of in "Vis à Vis".
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