An Akaali clipper ship sailing the ocean on the Akaali homeworld.

"...just imagine what it was like. No engines. No computers. Just the wind and the sea and the stars to guide you."

Sailing was a type of activity in which a sailboat or sailing ship was propelled through the water by fabric foils called sails as they caught the wind.

At some point prior to 2370, Geordi La Forge and Data once went sailing on Devala Lake. La Forge found the time spent sailing pleasurable, but for Data, it was a learning experience. The sailing trip was the time when Data first learned that he could not swim because he wasn't sufficiently buoyant. (TNG: "Descent, Part II")

In 2371, the senior staff of the USS Enterprise-D gathered in the ship's holodeck for a recreation of an old Earth sailing ship, the USS Enterprise, in celebration of Lieutenant Worf's promotion to lieutenant commander. (Star Trek Generations)

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